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right to be where it was. in the hometown of york, pa., we heard of his disappointment. >> in an overwhelming majority, the u.s. supreme court has ruled that a fundamentalist churches with anti-gay messages that protests outside military generals arc -- military funerals are protected under the first amendment. snyder died in a non-combat related vehicle accident in iraq. they picketed outside his md. funeral in 2006. the marines father reacted to the high court's decision. >> we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in the cemetery with dignity. >> the kansas based church has
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protested outside hundreds of military funerals. he filed a lawsuit accusing the church of the intensely inflicting emotional distress. the marines father initially won a multimillion-dollar settlement, which was brought out on appeal. the lawyer for the church said, that they expected this outcome. >> this is a victory for the first amendment. >> his father showed frustration that the supreme court's will never have to deal with what many grieving military families will now face in the future. >> these justices do not have to worry about this because the westboro baptist church will never get anywhere near their families or their funerals. >> his father indicated that he
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will have to pay the westboro baptist church to cover it court costs and attorneys' fees. he is concerned that that money will be used to fund protest at the funerals of other fallen soldiers. we're following breaking news tonight. the army has announced 22 new charges against bradley manning. he is the soldier accused of releasing documents to wikileaks. it is a capital offense that carries a potential death sentence. he is the person of interest in the leak of nearly 77,000 war records. they were published on the website wikileaks in july. we're following the development -- developing story of the two members of the u.s. military that are shot in germany. two others were injured.
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we're learning new details about the government -- about the gunman. >> authorities are trying to figure out if this was a terrorist attack or not. it initially was not believed to be, but there are seven new reports -- but there are new reports that the man shouted, god is great. two airmen are dead tonight, to more injured. >> a grisly scene outside germany's biggest airport. two american airmen killed and two more injured when a 21-year- old began firing on a bus filled with u.s. military. got off as many as nine shots before his gun jammed and he was tackled. president obama to date quickly
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vowed action. i am saddened and i am outraged. we will spend it -- we will spare no effort and learning how this took place and we are working with german authorities to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice. >> it is a terrible incident, she said, and germany will do everything possible to quickly find out what has happened. the suspect is 21-year-old, a german and pious muslim who worked at the airport. his grandfather was a religious leader at a mosque in coast ago. the u.s. military is withholding the names of the servicemen that were killed until 24 hours after the family was notified. intense fighting is under way for control of two cities in eastern libya. lydia rebels pleaded with foreign governments to protect
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air strikes against khadafy loyalists. -- gaddafi loyalists. he warns that thousands of libyans will die if the u.s. or nato intervened. if federal government shut down has been avoided. the senate passed the bill this morning and it has $4 billion in cuts. the house passed the measure yesterday. it will keep the government operating until march 18. the fates of the same-sex marriage built in maryland is unclear. they did not vote on the measure today. yesterday, to delegate staged a walkout, refusing to vote on the bill. only one says that she is not ready to vote.
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she says she wants to draw attention to other important issues, including education funding. maryland lawmakers say if the committee vote does not happen by tomorrow, the bill could be in jeopardy. it park police officer is in the hospital tonight after a crash in the district. the accident happened this morning on 395 near seventh street. several vehicles were involved. the chain reaction accident shut down the interstate for most of the day. 395 is now open. the officer is covering at boston hospital center. -- washington hospital center. johnson is accused of trading business permits and funding in exchange for money, airline tickets, and other guests. a lawyer for johnson says he
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will fight the allegations. the secrets to living alone, the rebels -- the result of the 90-year study released. we will tell you about that. >> the man convicted of assassinating robert f. kennedy is being considered for parole today. >> what the pope is saying about the changes in the good book. >> a springlike day to day. temperatures in the 60's.
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new developments in the case of a missing private woman. police have made contact with the husband. he is cooperating fully. emile decker was deployed to afghanistan last week. bethany decker was last seen january 29. her mother says she is becoming more concerned. >> quite disturbing. never imagine that today i would be here in front of all these people and reaching out. >> yesterday, sheriff's deputies searched a wooded area behind her apartment complex.
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so far, there are no indications of foul play. we are following the developing story of los angeles tonight. the man convicted of the assassination of robert f. kennedy is asking for his freedom. the parole hearing started about an hour read go. he is serving a life sentence for the 1968 assassination of the senator. this is the 14th time he has asked for parole. he maintains that he does not know what overcame him the night that senator kennedy was killed. a new book by pope benedict addresses the crucifixion of jesus. they challenge the theory that people of jewish faith are responsible for his death. he defies interpretation of the bible that favor? ferry. how to live longer, we now
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know the results of a 19-year study. >> springlike temperatures early today, but we are in for some changes. >> march madness is in full spring. we will hear from jeff jones. maryland tries to improve its tournament resume in miami.
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the secret to living longer may not be what you think. >> some of the findings contradict what we have been told for years about living a long healthy life. lisa fletcher is live in the newsroom. >> retiring early, not worrying are not the pathways to perfect help. this study looked at people who lived and thrived and found that working hard and doing things you love will keep those birthdays coming. the secret to a lot life is all about doing what she loves. >> people retire and there is nothing there. golf is not what it is all about, i guess. >> she is a living example of
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what the longevity project found to be true. the study the fall of 1600 people debunked some common myths, like take it easy, don't work so hard. researchers found that those who continue to work into their 70's, lived long guess. the 72-year-old founded her senior cycling company after she retired. another myth? gardening and walking are not enough to keep you healthy. the study says they are. if they keep you active. the churches found many who are successful and exercise went back to -- researchers found that many who are successful which back to activities that day locked. >> i remember this. this is fun. >> the study also found that having a serious outlook on life and worrying doesn't shorten your life as once thought.
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conscientious people do more to protect their health and make better decisions. if you are wondering how your relationship status affects your longevity, of all men, married men live the longest. interestingly, divorced, single women lived nearly as long as women who had been steadily married. >> very interesting. >> women live longer anyway. >> they deserve to. >> nice day. it will be a whole lot colder tomorrow. the weatherwith bog. we will check the numbers here. 51 degrees, that is the current temperature at sterling. 53 in the district. their high was 61.
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reagan national, 64 degrees the high temperature. 34 was the morning low. 51 and 33 are the averages for the second day of march. you do not have to go far up the road. if you have been outside, it is a lot cooler. all these values will drop tonight. these wind gusts will be up to 29 miles per hour. that breeze will continue to pump in the cold air. the core of the cold air is not going to reach us. the high tomorrow will be a 39- 43. high pressure, just the center of the high pressure will quickly move off the area. we will see temperatures recover to the near average range by friday.
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we'll keep an eye on our computer model. we do know that saturday will be warm. our best chance of rain will come on sunday. a very pleasant a breezy day. next seven days showed the upper 50's on saturday and sunday. the best chance for a steady rain will be sunday. always keep up-to-date on changing weather conditions with it is really simple. the toyota sports desk. moving it forward. >> march 2 and march madness has arrived. >> it really has. >> basketball fans are giddy. maryland is in miami tonight.
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they're trying to add to a whole, resume. -- ho-hum resume. gary williams wants to win the last two games. they just have to hope. virginia tech should be in, but they were blasted by boston college last night and it hurts their chances. terrible loss for virginia tech. 76-61 to boston college. american university place colgate tonight. they rank 130. they have to win the tournament to get a bed. -- bid. >> we just want to play our very best. we have to make every opportunity count. we have had good practices leading up to tonight's game.
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hopefully, we can go out and make a few shots. >> coski fans, and they are still talking about eat -- hockey fans, they're still talking about the goal. take a look and listen. >> he scores. >> he continues to play this game with the enthusiasm of a little kid. he plays with passion. he is certainly one of the most talented hockey players. >> he was not to be denied. that is why they are superstars, they can rise to the moment. >> he will miss the blizzard's game tonight against the warriors because of the family emergency tonight with his mother. for baseball fans, the
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national's beat the marlins this afternoon. brian zimmerman, here he comes. do not look now, but the nationals and orioles are 3-0. in the nfl, both sides continue to work tonight, but it does not look like an agreement will be reached less than 30 hours from now. the owners are sequestered in a hotel and chantilly, virginia. congratulations to the maryland star. he has named -- been named rookie of the year. way to go. >> how to share in 9 billion.
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>> 9 billion. >> it takes time to figure that out. >> keywords -- agreed. >> the 2010 midterms abroad in it a new republicans who are shaking up in the house of representatives. >> in the short time the has been in office, they have already voted on abortion, health care, and environmental regulations. the freshmen are trying to project themselves as fiscal hawks who are more aggressive than the republican conference as a whole. than the republican conference as a whole.
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in the ongoing debate about potential contamination, we have to eyewitness accounts from longtime residents that say they saw and experience chemical spraying. tonight, 11:00. >> let's get the last word on our weather. >> a lot different day than today's 64 degrees. 42 will be the highest number in the area. we will do better for the weekend. sunday looks to be a rainy day here. >> thank you for that, sir. abc world news is coming the
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next. >> see you at 11:00. have a good night. >> see you at 11:00. have a good night.
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